How to Check If Your iPhone is Original or Fake

iPhones are one of the luxury phones you can lay hands on and they come at an expensive price. Today I am going to teach you how to check if the iPhone you bought or is about to buy is fake or original. This will help you when buying an iPhone someone as you can check to know the phone’s authenticity thus making sure that you are not scammed of you hard earned cash.

Let’s go straight into the tutorial. Are you read?

Things You Will Need:

  1. The iPhone or Any iPhone.
  2. The Serial Number of the iPhone (Serial number of the iPhone in question)
  3. Internet

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How to Check If Your iPhone is Original

1. Get the Serial Number of the iPhone

To get the serial number of the iPhone you are using or wants to buy, go to settings. On the settings screen, scroll down and tap on “General”  then tap on “About” on the General screen. Copy the serial number.

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2. Open Safari Browser

Go to your home and open the Safari Browser by tapping on the app’s icon.

3. Open the Apple Service and Support Coverage page

To open Apple’s service and support coverage page, open this link –

4. Enter your serial number

When the Apple Service and Support Coverage page loads successfully, enter the iPhone serial number you copied earlier and confirm the capture code by enter the exact code in the box provide to continue.

5. The iPhone’s Details

If you entered the right serial number and confirmed the capture code correctly, Apple Service will display the phones details. These details includes the phones model and serial number, validation of the purchase date, repairs and service coverage, and technical support coverage of the phone.

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6. How Do You Know It’s Fake?

When the iPhone is fake, the details will be different from the phone. You might see a different image, and iPhone model. In other cases, you would be told the serial number is incorrect usually with this feedback “We’re sorry, but we are unable to complete your request at this time. Please try again later.”

Alternatively You Can Watch This Video

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