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I Slept With My Best Man – Broken Pen Mx24Gh

I am not sure if this is the best place to bring up this issue I am dealing with. Most of the comments I see are readers usually being judgmental but I will lay it all here anyway, for the sake of my sanity. There’s too much going on in my head – I need an outlet and some good advice. How do I fix this broken pen?

As you can see from my account, I want to remain anonymous and I hope you people at MX24 respect that. I planned to get married this December but now I’m not so sure that will be happening. I have made a huge mistake and an idiot of a guy has taken advantage of it and is now bringing chaos to my world.

Somewhere mid-year, my husband asked me to accompany him to welcome his good friend he spoke highly of from the States. This guy was meant to be the best man for our wedding. He had gone for a Master’s programme and stayed over to work for a couple of years. He was coming to Ghana for a break, fixing his social life, and going back early next year. When we met him, he was all nice and courteous but I never thought I had just met a pervert and a serial womanizer. He will usually be with my husband-to-be when we went out and even join some of our church services.

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He joined my man and me at a dope restaurant around Airport City one day and something strange happened. The DJ started playing one of my favourite jams and I got up to dance. My man jokingly pushed him to come and show him how his alma mater’s old boys do it. We started dancing and as I turned to give him my back, I felt his hard-on. I was initially uncomfortable so I withdrew and kept a distance. It was as if the DJ knew all my favourite songs. The next one was another hit! We ended up in the same position, this time I felt his full rod in his jeans. I was confused. I wanted to stop dancing and sit down but I must confess the imaginary plus size made me wonder if he had a device in his pocket or not. The alcohol must have taken over at some point. (I’m not too good with alcohol), I started to intentionally stroke him with my dance. My guy didn’t suspect anything as he was engaged in conversation with other old friends who had also come in.

The MC cut into the music and I sat down. I started feeling guilty for dancing intimately with my man’s friend. I wanted to leave and go home. I was not proud of myself but that was where the real issue began. The more I tried to banish what I did from my head, the more the rod size, dance and this idiot’s nice smell played back. I started habouring dirty ideas of what else could’ve happened and was tempted to push it a bit more. Well, the UNTHINKABLE happened! I am not sure I can go through the graphics of what happened. ‘Cause, it drives me nuts!

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This good-for-nothing guy came around to visit one weekend and I happened to be around I wasn’t in favor of the idea at all. I tried so hard to avoid him for a while and the Devil they say is tricky. My man had to pick up an electrician to go see the house we are building. Initially, I wanted to go with him but he explained it would be rude to leave his friend around alone. I didn’t want to create any suspicions so I accepted. That was the biggest mistake in my adult life!

Strangely, your station was playing music videos and played this same Bend Over song. It all started to playback, I was so uncomfortable and tried not to dance. This guy mentioned he wanted to use the washroom. As he walked past me, I stretched my hand and held him. I lost it! I just lost it! He came closer and things got out of hand. I knew I had to stop but I couldn’t. He was a master of touches and whispering. I felt the goosebumps on my skin, he seemed to know just how to tickle my every sensation. He touched the right places and I felt my system pumping with pleasure. We made out on the couch. What I felt while dancing with him was not a deception. I had never felt a blend of guilt, fun, and fear at the same time. I hate to say this but he is a monster in bed. I must confess- this is the BIGGEST I have ever had and I climaxed multiple times!

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I don’t know if I should stop here ’cause worst things actually happened than what I’ve narrated so far. I’ve struggled so much to be myself after that. I feel like I’ve let myself and my man down. I had plans of telling him to change his best man with the excuse that his best man is taller than him. Unfortunately, we were too deep into preparations. Now, listen to what this pervert did. Two weeks ago, one of my bridesmaids came to confide in me that this sorry dude said he wants to marry her and they have been seeing each other since they met at our tailor’s place for fitting. So, this guy is chasing one of my girls and still had his way with me. You can imagine how I felt when she told me. I don’t know if I should be happy for her or to drag the guy in the mud. But that would mean exposing myself.

Just yesterday, another member of the bridal team came asking how much info I have on this guy ’cause he’s been asking her out. I probed further and she confirmed they have been intimate a couple of times. I can’t even type again. This idiot has had me and two of my friends. Crazy to think he’s gonna be the best man for my wedding and join us at the altar. We are weeks away from the big day. I don’t know what to use to convince my man to change him, I don’t know how he will react. I don’t even know what else he has done that I don’t know of. My husband has seen I’ve been acting weird recently and I am trying very hard to hide it. I wish I could undo that particular Friday night at the pub, I wish the DJ never played that song, I wish he never visited or insisted to join my guy to meet him.

How do I fix this Broken Pen?

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My wedding is less than a month away. I’d be glad to even get some more counselling.

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