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Pounds to Cedis Exchange Rate Today

Pounds to Cedis black market today Saturday, 18/02/2023. On this page, we will track and report the daily pounds to cedis black market exchange rate. The pounds to cedis bank of Ghana rate has been updated recently.

At the time of writing this article, the official pounds to cedis Bank of Ghana rate is 15.15. This means that 10 pounds to cedis is GHS151.45 whiles 100 pounds to Ghana cedis will be GH1514.53 and 1000 pounds to Ghana Cedis as per Bank of Ghana’s official pounds to cedis rate is GH¢ 15145.33

Pounds to Cedis Bank of Ghana Exchange Rate Today

According to the Bank of Ghana the Pounds to Cedis Exchange rate for today is GHS 12.9971 whereas on Google, the Pounds to Cedis rate today is GHS 15.15 (i.e. GH¢15.15). Data provided by Morningstar for Currency and Coinbase for Cryptocurrency.

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Pounds to Cedis Black Market rate

In Ghana, the Black Market is not very active like that of neighbouring countries like Nigeria, Togo, Burkina Faso. The pounds to cedi rate on the Black Market is always different and possibly higher than the official Bank of Ghana rates.

The black market which is most common among Mallams or Abokis usually has a different rate from the central bank, usually a higher rate.  The Abokis are the Mallams who are into the foreign exchange of different currencies in many places in Accra, Kumasi, and mostly the border towns in Ghana.

Black Market Pounds to Cedis rate

The Black Market operated by the Abokis and Mallams affects the country’s economy indirectly as their transacts are not captured by the central bank (Bank of Ghana).

Their pounds to cedis rate can vary from person to person. According to our source’s report, Pound Sterling on the black market is going for GH¢9.00 per Pound Sterling.

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Pounds to Cedis Bank of Ghana Rate (Pounds to Cedis official rate)

The pounds to cedis rate by the Bank of Ghana is usually slightly different from what you will be offered by other currency exchangers. It is usually lower than the rate you will see on Google or that of the pounds to cedis black market that is controlled by the Abokis.


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Pounds to Cedis Exchange Rate News

  • Pound to Cedis exchange rate is GH¢ 12.9971 in BoG, GH¢ 639.00 in Stan Chart, GH¢ 557.93 in FX Market, GH¢ 510.06 in Moneygram, and GH¢ 496.26 in Western Union
  • Pound to Cedis recently moves upwards 0.41% in FX Market
  • Pound to Cedis rate recently moves downwards 0.58% in Moneygram, 0.01% in Western Union
  • Pound to Cedis exchange rate has the lowest value of GH¢  at Western Union as of 18/02/2023 among the rates listed in the summary table
  • Pound to Cedis exchange rate has the highest value of GH¢  at Stan Chart as of 18/02/2023 among the rates listed in the summary table
  • Most recent Pound to Cedis bank rate is GH¢ 639.00 at Stan Chart as of 18/02/2023

How Bank of Ghana regulates Exchange Rates of Pounds to Cedis today

According to the Central Bank of Ghana (BoG) Governor, Dr. Enerst Addison, the only recognised foreign exchange market in Ghana is the Importers and exporters (I&E) FX windowThis means that the pounds to Cedis rate are not fixed as before.

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