Best Apps For Personal Finance You Should Have In 2022

Saving money is awesome but have you ever considered getting an app that helps in your finances. Best Apps for personal finance will be discussed in the article.

As the finance world continues to expand, technology has been implemented in major aspects of the business.

With the stress that comes with keeping up to date with how your finances works, personal finance app were introduced.

Personal Finance Apps help you stay on top of your finances and give you a quick snapshot of where you’re at, in a matter of seconds.

Let’s now check out the best Apps for personal finance you should be using in 2022.

Best Apps For Personal Finance You Should Have In 2022


One of the best apps for personal finance is Mobills. Available for users on mobile and desktop, the application does a good job of tracking all your expenses in one easy to read interface.

Users’ task is just to import their bank accounts and credit card information and Mobills will pull in the data and present everything under one roof.

The application will also notify users of their spending habits to make sure they’re staying on track with their budget each month.

Clarity Money

The application works in a way not similar to the other finance apps you might be conversant with.

Clarity Money helps user track their earnings and spending. Once an account is added to the app, the user’s information will be pulled and displayed to the user in form of a pie chart.

The chart will provide users with a lot of useful information, like showing particular areas where users have overspent.

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Every Dollar

Another best app for finance everyone must have in 2022 is Every Dollar.

Every Dollar comes with a different concept, it follows a zero-based budget approach, which means that it uses every single dollar as a purpose in the budget.

The application allows user to connect all their accounts and keep an eye on their finances in one place, similar to most apps on our list.

Personal Capital

Remember our discussion is about the best apps for personal finance so you shouldn’t be surprised to see Personal Capital on the list.

The application has a lot of features that will benefit users.

It will help users stay on top of their day to day spending, with Personal Capital, users have the ability to manage their investments along with their everyday spending habits.


Acorns is an American financial technology company that started in 2012 and has since helped over 4 million people save and invest their money.

One huge reason why you should choose Acorns is that they take users’ spare change from any purchase made and invest it automatically into different portfolios, made up mainly from ETFs.

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Just as the name implies, Spendee helps the user sustain their finances.

The app allows users to open shared accounts with family members or friends or manage shared expenses, a service other apps don’t offer.

Users will have to connect all their accounts and important data.

From there, Spendee will present that information in a really nice UI that makes your spending activities easy to understand.

Spendee can be used to set up a budget, pay bills and it will also ensure users are aware of when bills are due and payments need to be made.


Sometimes we are forced to log into multiple financial accounts to understand our status financially.

However, with Prism, user can view and pay all their bills in one location.

It takes users less than 20 minute to set up their account and once this is done, Prism will automatically send you reminders of your due dates, and will even pay those bills for you if you wish.

With all these features and more, it’s not surprising Prism is among the best apps for finance everyone should have in 2022.

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

As the name implies, it’s obvious we all need a budget.

Making our list of best apps for finance everyone must have is ‘You Need A Budget’.

This app will help users create a budget goal and this includes a holiday or other major expenses.

Just like the other apps, users will have to link their accounts and once this is done, YNAB will import all their transactions, giving them the option to assign each of them a specific category.


Trusted by over 17 million members worldwide and with over 30 years of experience in the industry, it’s not surprising that  Quicken has become one of the best personal finance apps on the planet.

The app includes features like payment tracking, budgeting, investment tracking and safely stores all your data using 256-bit encryption.

Users are also entitled to some benefits when they use the app consistently.

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Arguably the biggest personal finance app in the industry, Mint has a number of features that make understanding your financial life much easier.

Created by Intuit, the app suggest the best budget options for users, categorising them into things like “Food & Dining”,  “Entertainment,” and “Lifestyle”.

Note that users must have connected their personal account before this feature can go through.

Summary: Best Apps For Personal Finance You Should Have In 2022

Though there are various applications you can choose from, the above are the best apps for personal finance. These applications have proved to be best in the past few years.

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