How to Get Paid Udemy Courses for Free

Learning new skills online is exciting and beneficial but it always comes at a fee. Even though some websites provide skill training online for free and request you pay for certification but Udemy is quite different. With Udemy, once you have purchased a course, you will automatically get a certificate after completion. This certificate can be presented to any company when you are applying for a job.

Today, I am going to show you how to get paid Udemy courses for free (absolutely free) or at discounted prices. These can vary from 10% to 99% off the actual price. Let’s dive into how to get these paid Udemy courses for free.

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How to Get Paid Udemy Courses for Free

How to Get Free Udemy Paid Courses

The free course uses coupons to allow users to enroll in the course for $0.00 and sometimes a few dollars based on the type of discount.

Why are the courses FREE? Most instructors have good courses but lack reviews and enrollments. To help their courses become visible on the Udemy platform and appear more appealing to real buyers, they give out their courses for free. This is for a limited time frame usually 24 – 48 hours of enabling the discount coupon. Once the time runs out you can no longer get it for free. In order not to miss these daily opportunities of having access to premium Udemy courses, follow my guideline below.

Create an account at Udemy.Com

The first thing you will need to do before you can enroll in any Udemy course is to create an account using your email address and choose a password (this requires verification via email) or alternatively, you can sign up with your Google account. Once you have successfully created your account, you are good to go. You can now enroll in a course but not for free. Check the next step to take below.

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Join These Telegram Channels (Recommended)

Why should you join these telegram channels? These are trusted channels that some course creators (instructors) work with to broadcast or promote their course coupons. Joining these channels will give you a head-ups on when new courses are released or when free Udemy paid courses are available.

Here are some of the Udemy Telegram channels you should join for daily updates.

  1. Udemy4U – Free Udemy Course: In this channel, they send FREE Udemy courses every day. Courses link straight to Udemy without any external site. In the course description, they provide you with the course rating, course length, and coupon expiration date. >>Click Here to Join<<
  2. Free Udemy Courses (Coursevania): On this Telegram channel, they post free UDEMY Courses. The only difference this channel has from the first one is that you will visit an external site before they will lead you to the course on Udemy. This is the external site If you don’t want to join the Telegram channel, you can visit the aforementioned website to check out new free Udemy courses daily.

How to Enroll in Udemy Paid Course for Free

Every day new Udemy courses will be posted on these channels for free. Course coupons are valid for only a limited period of time and are usually indicated below the course in the channel. So take the opportunity each day to check which courses you are interested in and enroll in them immediately.

Click on the link to your preferred course in the channel. In most channels, you will see the inscription “Enroll Now” below the course description.

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Open the link (in your browser). When you click on the “Enroll Now” or the Udemy course link, Telegram will prompt you with “Do you want to open“. Click on or tap on OPEN to continue.

In some channels, you will be taken to the channel owner’s Udemy courses website or blog. There you find the “Enroll” or “Enroll Now” text/button by scrolling to the middle or end of the article.

Let’s continue… After opening the ENROLL NOW link, it will lead you to Udemy where you can now enroll in the paid course for free.

Note that from time to time the Udemy course creator provides access to their old course too via coupon discounts. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity and learn as many skills as you want.

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