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Flat Screen TV Prices in Ghana

LCD Television sets are the new gadget of the telecommunication era. Due to the flatness of this electronic device with LCD, it is mostly referred to as “Flat Screen TV”. The old and traditionally bulky television has been replaced with a thin-back and more crystal screen ones.

Today I am going to show you how much flat screen TV is sold in Ghana. I believe this will help you make the right choice, buying from the right brand with quality and affordability.

Flat Screen TVs in Ghana

There are many types of flat screen TVs in Ghana. They vary in sizes, brand, quality and prices. Some of these are very expensive whiles others can help you avoid breaking the bank. Below are some of the types of Flat Screen TVs in Ghana.


The NASCO digital television set comes in different sizes, ranging from 32″ inches to 65″ inches TV sets. This leaves you the choice of buying any size you want based on it’s price and your capacity to afford it. Below are the estimated* prices of NASCO TV set based on size.

NASCO Flat Screen TV Prices

Samsung Smart TV

The Samsung brand is widely known for their quality brand and expensive prices over the years. The Samsung Smart TV is no exception, you can get it in different sizes, prices and even quality. They have television set that ranges from 32″ inches straight up to 70″ inches television sets. The resolution of a Samsung TV will

Samsung Flat Screen TV Prices

Banana Smart TV

Banana Smart TV Prices

LG Smart TV

LG Smart TV Prices

Kennedy Digital Satellite TV

Hisense TV

Hisense is one of the household names when it comes to all kinds of electronics. This is the electronic company which has Ghanaian Actress Nana Ama McBrown as their Brand Ambassador. They have TV Sets of sizes 32″ inches to 70″ inches.


The TCL TV is another brand of the electronic company that is widely used by many Ghanaians. This television brand has many sizes just like its competitors. The quality of their TV sets include  LED, QLED, 8K, Curved TV and 4K Smart TVs.

Prices of TCL Flat Screen TV

TCL TV is of many different prices. This is based on the size and quality of the pixels. This means that  LED, QLED, 8K, Curved TV and 4K Smart TVs will all have different prices. Check out the complete list of TCL Flat Screen Prices below.

Bruhm TV

Bruhm Smart TV Prices

AKAI Digital Satellite TV


Panasonic TV

Panasonic is one of the oldest brands in terms of electronics and many also ready know how their products are. Panasonic TVs are of different sizes and quality. They have television set ranging from 1080P in quality to 4K. When it comes to the size of the TV set, you will get a flat screen TV between 32″ inches and 60″.

Panasonic Flat Screen TV Prices

Franko TV

Franko Trading enterprise is one of the biggest names in terms of electronics in Ghana. The Franko TV is one of their newly branded products they have added to their stock of electrical gadgets. Franko TV Sets range from 32″ inches to 50″ inches TV sets. You can buy one at any of their branches nationwide.

Franko Flat Screen TV Prices

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