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How to Send Vodafone Please Call Me Back

Have you run out of airtime to make an important call or you cannot access your mobile money account to buy airtime or data. In times like these, the Vodafone Please Call Me Back comes in handy.

In this article, I will teach you How to Send Vodafone Please Call Me Back so you never get stranded as a Vodafone Ghana user just because you run out airtime.

Lets get into it.


How to Send Vodafone Please Call Me Back

  1. Dial *119# and send.
  2. Enter the recipient number and send.

Alternatively, you can dial *119*RecipientNumber# and send

Note that if you want, you can send it multiple times by repeat the process.

Vodafone Please call Me Back service is not restricted to only Vodafone numbers. This means that even if your recipient is not a Vodafone user, they will still receive you Call Back message.



Vodafone Please Call Me Back is different from that of other networks and very help as you can send it to any one so long as the person is in Ghana and uses a Ghanaian network. Do not abuse the Vodafone Ghana Please Call Me Back service, make use of it during emergencies. Do not spam people with Vodafone Please Call Me Back message because when you are reported, you could lose your number.

Source: InfoguideGhana ~ How to Send Vodafone Please Call Me Back

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