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I Did It For The Money | My Broken Pen | Mx24Gh => It was 5 am and I had just woken up to get ready for work – my miserable 8-5 job. I had even run out of toothpaste, so I cut the tube open to smear the remaining paste on my toothbrush. That was the level of ‘broke’ I had reached. “For how long am I going to live like this?” I asked myself. Well, let me tell you how I became rich and got even more miserable.

I Met My Old Pal Marylin – Broken Pen

This is my broken pen. I met Marylin at a fashion show that our company was partnering where I happened to be the Project Manager for that gig. I had stayed at the venue all night and was looking really tired as I had to coordinate affairs. She looked really stunning.

We had not seen each other since Uni days. She hugged me, she was smelling so so nice and we spoke for hours. We caught up on school and talked about her business. She was an entrepreneur and a fashionista. I really envied her.

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She was doing so well for herself. I humbly asked her to help me, I was really desperate to come out of that miserable life I was living. We exchanged numbers and that was how we became close friends.

How I Initiated  In Marylin Game For The Money

Marylin introduced me to a certain crop of men at a party. “Show your cleavage!” She told me. Marylin had somehow prepped me on how to seduce these old men into getting some ‘greens’ for myself. In the beginning, I had so much fun. I made so much money.

I could easily lure these old men into getting what I wanted. Well, I quit my job after just a month of working with Marylin and I had made more than twice what I was earning for a month in that rubbish company. I did not always sleep with these men though.

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I would sometimes just undress them and put them to bed. Marylin gave me a ring to put on when I asked her I wanted to be traveling with her to Dubai on one of her numerous trips. That ring was our charm. It always did the trick. I easily lured an old Lebanese man into signing a $10,000 Cheque for me. That was my biggest paycheck. But I had to do some really nasty things in order to get that money.

I Had to Quit

That was the day I realized my cup was full, I had to quit. I had been turned into an animal, by having to lick this man’s anus. I threw up many times and also declined many times but the old Lebanese man, insisted I finish up before he would give me the money.

This inhuman act is what was giving him all the pleasure. I returned back home with all this money. I looked sharp and blocked Marylin and distanced myself from everything that had to do with that line of work. Guys, it’s been four years since that happened. I thought had completely moved on and was living my best life. I met a wonderful fine Ghanaian man who is getting married to me in a few weeks.

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What Do I Do Now

But I guess God always has a way of paying us back for every bad deed we had done wrong. I just got to know my fiancé is the personal assistant to this Lebanese man. I have not been eating and sleeping well for two days now and I’m getting sick.

This man is going to be at my wedding and will be introduced as a chairperson for the wedding. He is apparently contributing a huge amount of money to this wedding. What do I do now?

How do I fix this broken pen?

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