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I’m Still In Love With My Ex – Broken Pen Mx24

I’m married to the most caring, most handsome, most generous, and most God-fearing husband in this world. He ticked me every box when we met in September 2018 at a Joe Mettle concert. Very handsome, presentable, intelligent, tall, and rich. He is close to perfect. He drew me closer to God and who would have ever thought Sally would be a stout church-goer.

So if I had a perfect man and a perfect marriage, I’m pretty sure you would be wondering why I have a broken pen that needs fixing. Well, here is the thing;

Before I met Kofi, I was in a very toxic and abusive relationship with Ronald, my immediate ex, with whom I had been in a relationship for five years. What he and I had was deeper than love, and left an indelible mark on my soul. We loved each other so much we ended up abusing each other. I always believed we were soulmates. We could break up and make up a billion times in a year. Our s£x was explosive as well; we were both nymphos.

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But Ronald always treated me like garbage and it surprisingly turned me on. He would occasionally beat me up when he got upset about something, and still have his way to sleep with me afterward. I never understood our love. But I finally had the courage to let him go; which still happens to be the hardest decision I have ever taken in my life. However, I’ve managed to keep the details of our relationship away from Kofi, who doesn’t know the extent to which Ronald and I went, and I will like to keep it that way.

I started missing Ronald. I started missing him a lot. I could not comprehend how I could still be in love with someone who treated me like a non-living thing. Kofi gave me the world, yet I still wanted my ex. I prayed many times but to no avail. I consulted my best friend for help, but all efforts proved futile. I had one more resort though; I had to face my fears. I had to see him. I needed some closure. Probably that would make me feel a lot better and forget him for good; to watch him tell me how his life has been a mess without me.

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But I was wrong. I watched him speak about how his businesses have been flourishing since we broke up. He looked so elegant and handsome. I watched him marinate his lips every minute, picturing myself kissing those soft, cute lips of his. I tried to hold myself together, Lord knows I tried, but it was until he grabbed me when I was leaving that my defenses broke. And…and…and….and…I’m so ashamed to admit it, but we had mind-blowing s£x that night; I had cheated on my loving husband and I enjoyed it.

Two weeks later, I sat at my desk on a Monday morning, feeling feverish. I ran to the washroom immediately after feeling nauseous. I threw up twice that morning and started having a severe headache. “Could I be pregnant?” – the thoughts started to scare me. Kofi and I had been trying for two years to get a child, he would be elated to be a father, but how will I know it isn’t Ronald’s. My mind started racing. “It better not be pregnancy, else I will just have to kiss my sweet marriage goodbye”.

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To add more salt to my injury, I was summoned to my boss’s office and was informed he was stepping down from his position as Chief Operating Officer. The news came as a big blow to me as he and I had been on excellent terms and were even close to my family.

“The board has already gone ahead to find my replacement and he is in. You need to assist him in settling in.” He took me out of his office and walked me to the boardroom to introduce me to my new boss. He opened the door as I walked in but froze halfway in.

I was staring at a neatly dressed Ronald in a suit and tie, whom I was going to be working with for the entirety of my stay in this company.

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How am I going to fix this broken pen?

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