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I’m Scared of My Wife – Broken Pen Mx24

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Today’s Broken Pen story goes:

Dear Mx24,

I’m a stout fan of your Broken Pen series. I’ve been following ever since its inception. However, I never thought I’d find myself writing to you to add to your long list of broken pens. Mine isn’t entirely broken though, it’s just that my situation is so complicated I’m unable to tell if it’s broken or it’s out of ink.

I am a married musician, well renowned and established, with a beautiful kid. I have been in the music industry for quite a number of years, but it’s not been easy coping with all these ‘groupies.’

I have a very good wife, very devoted and committed to keeping our home. She has a crazy work schedule, yet makes time to cater for my bedroom needs. She happens to be a full package but unfortunately, some of us men have a torrid time trying to stay faithful. I mean I’ve tried, Lord knows I have. It was only until the middle of last year, that I met an extremely attractive video vixen on set of my music video. I was taken aback the whole time by her beauty and how she danced, and so awestruck that I kept staring at her the whole time and was completely driven by her huge backside.

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Here’s how things went down. During one of my leisure hours with my wife, she asked to use my Laptop to catch up on one of her Netflix shows. We do share a family account so I said ‘go ahead’. Guess what? I’d logged in to WhatsApp on the laptop and totally forgot to log out after checking my messages earlier in the day.

All the while as I was chatting and planning with this attractive video vixen to meet me at one of the popular movie houses around East Legon, my WhatsApp notifications popped up on my laptop as well. Yes! Your guess is as good as mine. My wife read it all but never said a word nor hinted that I had forgotten to close my WhatsApp chat on my laptop. She kept quiet and continued to be the lovely wife she’s always been.

Then came the day for me to spend time with my new mistress. I told my wife I had a couple of media houses to visit as part of a promotional plan for my upcoming single. She knew I was lying to her but responded nicely, gave me a kiss and wished me luck. I felt great! Imagine going to cheat and feeling great leaving this wonderful woman to carry out my deeds.

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Well, she did follow me. She had all the details. From the location to the room number. She read it all cos i finalized the booking the night before while she had my laptop, I got there, took the room keys and my mistress arrived few minutes later. We just got our groove on and started to make out and all that.

Before then, I had ordered for a few drinks to be delivered to our room. I heard a knock on the door thinking it was the delivery guy, to my utmost surprise, there stood my wife! She looked straight into my eyes and I was just shivering. Like wow. How could she have possibly known?

I dropped to the floor to apologize, “baby I can explain” but that did not help, she ran off and shut the door behind her.

My mood had gone from 100 to -53 in a few minutes. I quickly rushed home cos she had sped off. I thought she’d be there waiting for me to come and apologize. I waited for her and even remember falling asleep on the couch. Unfortunately my wife did not come home that night. I was extremely worried; she had both her phones switched off. I could not even call her parents to check as I would not want them to find out either. So I just stayed at home with anxiety, just cussing myself out for what I had done.

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She had gone to stay with one of her friends. Where she cried her heart out cos she couldn’t believe this had happened to her. The virtuous woman who had given everything for her husband and home as a whole.

She came home the following afternoon. Looking all bright and smiley. She returned with a new mattress, new sets of boxer shorts and men’s undergarments. She then went to the back of the house to burn the old ones. She fixed the new mattress in the bed frame, made the bed neatly, folded and packed the shorts and vests then walked out of the house again, completely ignoring all my attempts at rendering an apology Again, she did not spend the night at home.

But I was not as confused as I was the next day. The strangest thing came the next day. After waiting all day and night for my wife to return home, I eventually fell asleep only to wake up to the smell of pancakes and the voices of my wife and kid from the kitchen.

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Apparently, she had gone to bring our kid home from her parents. I walked to the kitchen, when our child run to give me a big hug. “Mummy is making your favorite pancakes today. Is today your birthday daddy?” I looked at my wife and saw her smiling, looking all so sweet in a new dress she had bought, with an apron on, and even realized she had makeup on, making pancakes which she only prepared on my birthdays.

“Have a seat zaddy, breakfast will be served soon.” I gasped in disbelief. “Hope you slept well baby, I have missed you.” She walked up to me and gave me a kiss. My heart was beating even faster than before. “Why was my wife being so nice to me? What’s going on here?” The woman who caught me half naked with another lady was actually making me breakfast and cracking jokes as if nothing happened. I could not help but shiver. “What if she was planning to poison me with this food? Was this to be my end? My punishment?”

This has been going on for the past two months now. My wife has been extra nice to me and I’m starting to lose my mind. We still have not talked about what happened. Every time I try to bring it up to apologize, she changes the topic. It’s really clear my wife does not want us to talk about it. But to make matters worse, she does not have s£x with me anymore.

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Last night, I initiated foreplay, but she just smiled, kissed me on my forehead and turned around to sleep. I tried again this morning. I tried to join her in the shower. We used to have lots of s£x in the shower as it had always been her fantasy. But I realized she had locked the door. For the first time since we got married, my wife had locked the bathroom door. I asked that she open so I join, but she declined.

Folks, I’m losing my mind. You see me on television with my drip on and looking so good all the time. But you have no idea how much I’m burning on the inside. I feel like I’m losing my mind.

Kindly help me out here. This is my Broken Pen. Help me Mx24. What in Heaven’s name do I do?

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