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All Die Be Die – Broken Pen Mx24

As kids, we are taught that it is wrong to lie; yet as we get older, the lines tend to become increasingly blurred. This is especially the case within long-term relationships. Too often, when we get close to someone, we unintentionally alter ourselves to “make it work.” This is why I am here to get your views on how to fix my Broken Pen.

I have always known Danny, my husband, to be the very reserved and a strong family-first type of guy, but it wasn’t until we got married that I realized his passion for a family was to the point I could label him as toxic. My hubby’s zeal for anything family was to me completely overboard and he constantly buttressed his actions with the awkward notion that “family reciprocates what you give”. Someone could hit their toe and we’d have to be at the hospital paying money in the name of “family”. Due to this respectfully ‘crazy’ notion, he has always had issues with me going out with friends or having any downtime by myself.

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He would often oppose it or quickly give me the cold shoulder if I happened to mention I had Saturday lunch with any friend.

They say, “opportunity comes but once” and this time I couldn’t see a valid reason not to take it. A girls’ trip with Pearl, fully funded by her husband to Dubai of all places. Who in their right mind would say no; honestly “All Die Be Die”. So I lied; family is what Danny understands so the family is what I used.

I chose a day, came home early, planned to give him the best evening but still manage to make my face look deeply sorrowful. As we sat on the couch and I sighed a few times I turned to him and said, “My love today has been a really long day. My grandmother just called and told me my auntie has passed away.” He quickly jumped and asked me what they needed of me. Again I added theatrics continuing that they would like me to come to the hometown for 5days during which the funeral would take place.

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Danny didn’t even bat an eyelid he agreed.

I told you guys, to him family over everything, but for once it was going to get me out the door to enjoy myself.

Now fast forward… After a great few days in Dubai, we were finally ready to pack our bags and come home when all hell broke loose. You are required to take a Covid test before you travel. We got our results the morning of departure, Pearl opened hers reading negative; I opened mine as a formality instead I was hit in the face with the word “positive”; I couldn’t fly out for the next two weeks.

Pearl paid me no mind. That b*tch hopped on a plane straight back to her husband and left me stranded. I came on vacation for enjoyment but now I’m stranded in Dubai with no money for at least the next two weeks. The only one I can call is Danny…

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How am I going to fix this broken pen?

Do you have any relationship experience to share?


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