How to Get Your Home Listed on Multiple Listing Sites

Get Your Home Listed on Multiple Listing Sites | By Getting your home listed on the multiple listing service (MLS) used by realtors all over the country, you are gaining access to thousands of realtors, brokers, and thus their customers who are ready to buy.

Whether you are using a realtor or selling on your own, getting listed on MLS is a must. Most home buyers begin their search on the internet, so this listing is crucial to getting proper exposure for your home.

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How to Get Your Home Listed on Multiple Listing Sites

There are many options for getting on the MLS. If you hire a realtor, he or she will get you on MLS immediately. Realtors know the exposure that comes from the listing and that is why they spend the money and time to have access to it for viewing and listing as well. The listing does not cost you, but you will be stuck paying as much as 6% commission on the sale of your home.

The best way to save money is to get your free MLS listing online. How, though, can you do that? The answer, to be simple, is that it depends. It depends on what kind of home you are selling, where you are selling it, and what is going on with the local market. So, then how do you get your free MLS listing online?

First of all, if you are selling an investment or vacation property, you can get a free listing on MLS in most cases. As opposed to private residential properties, MLS allows investment and vacation properties to go up with no fee.

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Secondly, do some research about the area where you are selling. In some cases, if the market conditions are right, there will be free listing available for certain states or certain municipalities. Ask about your area or research it online yourself. If you are in such an area, you have to do nothing more than log on and get your property up.

Another way of getting your free MLS listing online is to look for trial listing options. Sometimes, if you keep your eyes open, you will find that there are times when you can list for free for a couple of weeks.

A couple of weeks may seem short, but it really can be long enough to get you the exposure you need. If you happen to live in a popular area, that two weeks could even be more than enough. So the key is to pay attention to deals and trial offers.

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Getting your free MLS listing online can save you a lot of time, a lot of trouble, and a lot of money. If, rather than getting your free MLS listing online, you were to pay for a flat fee listing, it could cost you nearly a thousand dollars to do so.

If you choose to go the way of hiring a realtor, you run into the problem of having access and being listed, but having to pay a hefty commission on the sale of the home once it is done. So look for a deal, and find a way to get yourself listed for free on MLS if only for a short time. It will be worth it.

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