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Ghana Immigration Service Aptitude Test Questions and Answers

The Ghana Immigrations Service recruitment and aptitude test processes are handled by the Ministry of Interior, Ghana. At the Aptitude test stage, applicants will take the short exams at their designated Immigration Processing Stations, and schools across the country.

The guidelines below including the Aptitude Test Questions and Answers will give you a guide to pass this stage of the recruitment process. The aptitude test will be taken by any applicants who have successfully passed the body selection stage of the recruitment process.

The Ghana Immigration Service is under the Ministry of Interior with the president as commander-in-chief.

Immigration recruitment requires a good score on the aptitude test. Preparing for the aptitude test will increase your chances of success to the next stage of the recruitment process.

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You might have gone through the body screening stage to qualify for this stage.

To qualify and proceed to the next stage, you must provide correct answers for the aptitude test questions. You need to be equipped with good knowledge of the test to be able to pass it.

Ghana Immigration Aptitude Test Scope & Curriculum Areas

The format of the Ghana Immigration aptitude test requires that you write the Ghana Immigration aptitude test on a computer and at your nearest Immigration Careers Centre. Your knowledge will be tested in these areas.

  1. General knowledge about the Immigration
  2. Numeracy knowledge & Arithmetic reasoning
  3. Literacy knowledge
  4. General Science

Below are likely questions and answers you might encounter in your aptitude test. Study how these questions are asked and how they are answered to help you at this stage.

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Ghana Immigration General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Question: What is the organization of the Ghana Immigration Service?
Answer: The Ghana Immigration Service is composed of the Ghana Immigration Service general recruits and Ghana Immigration Service officers.

Question: What was the number of Ghana Immigration Service recruits when it was established?
Answer: The Ghana Immigration Service was established in 1989 under PNDC Law 226 with about 650 active duty personnel in 1989.

Question: What is the Ghana Immigration Service command structure?
Answer: The Ghana Immigration Service command structure extends from the minister of interior in the government to commanders in the field. Ghana Immigration Service units are deployed in the capital regions, and in Ghana’s border regions.

Q4.What is the structure of the Ghana Immigration Service?
Answer: The Ghana Immigration Service has an organized command which begins from the most senior officer down to junior officer. The Comptroller General of Immigration services is the highest rank, Below is the detailed structure of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) from the most senior officer down to junior officer: 

  1. Controller-General of Immigration
  2. Deputy Comptroller-General of Immigration
  3. Commissioner of Immigration
  4. Deputy Commissioner of Immigration
  5. Assistant Commissioner of Immigration
  6. Chief Superintendent of Immigration
  7. Superintendent of Immigration
  8. Deputy Superintendent of Immigration
  9. Assistant Superintendent of Immigration
  10. Inspector
  11. Assistant Inspector
  12. Immigration Control Officer
  13. Assistant Immigration Control Officer I
  14. Assistant Immigration Control Officer II

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Q5. Who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Immigration Service?
 The Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Immigration Service is the President of the Republic of Ghana.

Q6: [email protected]
Answer: The equipment Ghana Immigration Service has included older weapons of British, Brazilian, Swiss, Swedish, Israeli, and Finnish origin. The Ghana Immigration Service inventory gave the following equipment: FV-601 Saladin and EE-9 Cascavel reconnaissance vehicles; MOWAG Piranha armored personnel carriers; 81mm and 120mm mortars; 84mm recoilless launchers; and 14.5mm ZPU-4 and 23mm ZU-23-2 air defense guns.

Ghana Immigration Numeracy & Logical Reasoning Questions & Answers For Immigration

Q1: It takes an Engineer three hours to drive to his brother’s house at an average speed of 50 miles per hour. If He takes the same route home, but his average speed is 60 miles per hour, what is the time, in hours, that it takes him to drive home?

A) 2 hours and 33 minutes
B) 2 hours and 30 minutes
C)2 hours and 3 minutes
D) 2 hours and 60 minutes

Q2. A stamping machine can stamp 40 envelopes in 8 minutes. How many stamping machines, working at the same time, are required to stamp 120 envelopes per minute?

A) 3 Machines
B) 24 Machines – Correct Answer
C)60 Machines
D)28 Machines

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Q3. Yesterday, Kofi earned 50 Cedis mowing lawns. Today, Kofi earned 60% of what he earned yesterday mowing lawns. How much money did Kojo earn mowing lawns today?

A. Ghc3
B. Ghc25
C. Ghc30 – Correct Answer
D. Ghc40

Q4. Kofi sells pies for Ghc10 each. Kwame sells beverages for Ghc1 each. If Kofi sells 23 apple pies and Kwame sells 17 beverages, what is the total in sales for both products combined?

A. Ghc17
B. Ghc213
C. Ghc230
D. Ghc247

Q5. A mountain path is 12.1 miles long. If a hiker walks along the path at a rate of 1.96 miles per hour, in approximate how many hours will the hiker walk the entire trail?

A. 6 — Correct Answer
B. 12.
C. 14
D. 24

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Q6. Adjoa’s gross salary for last month was Ghc4,687.24. If Ghc421.78 was deducted from Adjoa’s salary pay, how much take-home pay did Adjoa earn this past month?

A. Ghc421.78
B. Ghc4,265.46 — Correct Answer
C. Ghc4,687.24
D. Ghc5,109.02

Answer Explanation:
Gross Salary for last Month
= Ghc4,687.24
Deducted Amount = Ghc421.78
Take-home pay = Last Month Salary – Deducted Amount
That is Ghc4,687.24 – Ghc421.78 = Ghc4,265.76. Therefore Ajoa’s take-home salary for the past month was Ghc4,265.76.

A woman’s store sells the following categories of clothing for the following prices:

Blouse: Ghc14 each
Skirt: Ghc16 each
Dress: Ghc25 each
Pantyhose: 2 pairs for Ghc3
Socks: Ghc7

Q7. A lady goes to the store on a day when the store has a 20% off sale on all skirts. If Yaa buys 2 skirts, 1 dress, and 4 pairs of pantyhose, how much money does the lady have to pay?

A. Ghc55.20
B. Ghc56.60 — Correct Answer
C. Ghc63.00
D. Ghc69.00

Answer Explanation: 20% off skirts = 0.2 x 16 =3.20. Price of skirts after 20% off = 16 – 3.20 = 12.8.
Now, amount to pay = 2 skirts (2 x 12.8) + 1 dress  (25)+ 4 pairs of pantyhose (2 x 3). Amount to pay = 25.6 + 25 + 6 = 56.60. Therefore, the total amount the lady will pay is GH¢ 56.60.

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Q9. Last month, Yaw’s checking account had a balance of Ghc347.20. Since then, Yaws deposited his paycheck of Ghc563.89 and withdrew Ghc478.53. What is Kofi’s checking account balance now?

A. Ghc432.56  — Correct Answer
B. Ghc432.65
C. Ghc456.23
D. Ghc456.32

Answer Explanation:  Initial Amount + Deposit – Withdrawal
Initial Amount: GH¢ 347.20
Deposit: + GH¢ 563.89
Withdrawal: – GH¢ 478.53

Hence 347 + 563.89 – 478.53 = 432.56.

Numeracy knowledge & Arithmetic reasoning

Q1. Find the missing number in the following series: 234567 23456 ___?__ 234 23

A: 6
B: 2356
C: 2347
D: 2345
E: None of these

Q2. One container has 28 kilograms of flour and another has 4 kilograms. How many kilograms must be taken from one container, so each has an equal amount of flour?

A: 4
B: 12
C: 16
D: 24
E: None of these

Q3. Six pairs of shoe cost as much as 1 coat, 2 pairs of jeans cost as much as 3 pairs of shoes, and 4 pairs of socks cost as much as one pair of jeans. How many coats could I exchange for 64 pairs of socks?

A: 4
B: 1
C: 2
D: 3
E: None of these

Q4. The clock in my lounge room is 10 minutes slower than the clock on my phone, which is 6 minutes slow. My tram always leaves 6 minutes early, although it is scheduled for 8:55 am. It takes me 20 minutes to get to the tram stop. What time must I leave, according to my lounge room clock, in order to catch my tram?

A: 8:49 am
B: 8:35 am
C: 8:23 am
D: 8:29 am
E: None of these

Q5. A container of soft drinks was shared between four work teams of employees. The first team took 1/3 of the soft drink, the second team took ½ of what was left, and the remaining two teams shared the remaining soft drink equally between them. If there were originally 240 litres of soft drinks, how many litres of soft drinks did the third team get?

A: 20
B: 40
C: 80
D: 160
E: None of these

Q6. Working mothers who earn $30,000 or less per year receive a rebate on before and after school care of 75%, plus a school bonus of $6,000 that only applies to this category of earnings. Each dollar earned above this amount and up to $40,000 reduces the rebate to 55%, and for any amount above this, the rebate drops to 30%. There are three mothers – Jade earns $40,001, Emily earns $38,000 and Lucy earns $29,550. If the cost of before and after school care is $10,000 per year, what amount of money does the person have who has the least amount of money left after paying for before and after school care?

A: $33,000
B: $30,000
C: $40,001
D: $40,000
E: None of these

Q7. Find the missing number in the following series: 4 8__32 64 128

A: 24
B: 19
C: 16
D: 8
E: None of these

Q8. Find the missing number in the following series: __ 85 81 83 79 81 77

A: 89
B: 83
C: 87
D: 80
E: None of these

Q9. Percy rides his scooter to the station, which is 10 kilometers away. If Percy rides at a steady pace of 20 kilometers per hour, how many minutes will it take him to ride from home to the station?

A: 2
B: 4
C: 40
D: 30
E: None of these

Q10. If Bert had 3 cents more he would have twice as much as Georgia. If he had 4 cents less, he would have the same amount. How many cents does Bert have?

A: 4
B: 7
C: 11
D: 14
E: None of these

Q11. There are 72 apples on my tree at home; 38 are red, and the rest are green. I know 46 of the apples have worms in them, so I can’t use them for cooking. What is the maximum number of green apples I could have left to cook with?

A: 0
B: 8
C: 12
D: 26
E: None of these

Q12. Rebecca must give 5 out of every 6 dollars she earns each week to the tax department. If Rebecca gets to keep $10 this week, how much did she earn in total this week?

A: $30
B: $56
C: $50
D: $60
E: None of these

Q13. Find the missing number in the following series: 64 16 32 8?
A: 2
B: 8
C: 16
D: 32
E: None of these

Q14. If a piece of blueberry pie costs $4 and a piece of apple pie costs 50% more than a piece of blueberry pie, how much does a piece of apple pie cost?

A: $3
B: $2
C: $5
D: $6
E. None of the above.

Q15. Oliver has a box of toy cars, but he is not sure how many he has. If he arranges the cars in groups of four, he has three leftovers. If he arranges them in groups of 3, he has two leftovers and there are three leftovers when he puts them in groups of five. Oliver definitely doesn’t have any more than 30 cars, so how many does he have?

A. 27
B. 28
C: 21
D: 22
E: None of these.

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