Social Determinants of Health, What Is It?

Social determinants of health, its factors and basic fans you need to know will be discussed in this article as the world continue to battle various predicaments.

Social determinants of health are an individual’s circumstances that impact their health and well-being.

This may include political, socioeconomic, and cultural factors, alongside some other factors like healthcare, education and nutritious food.

Let’s get a better understanding of social determinants of health.

What are social determinants of health?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), social determinants of health is defined as “the conditions in which people are born, grow, work, live, and age, and the wider set of forces and systems shaping the conditions of daily life.”

Factors attached to social determinants of health are numerous in our society but it has been grouped into five domains.

These domains can never be overlooked due to the role they play in humanity.  Below are the five groups of social determinants of health falls.

Economic stability
Social and community life

Let’s check out how the following groups tend to affect our day to day activities.

Social Determinants of Health, What Is It?


Factors attached to healthcare include people’s access to primary healthcare, health insurance coverage and health literacy.

Despite the huge intervention of the government and some private institutes, healthcare have been below standards in some countries.

How can this be solved?

There are many ways to help improve public access to quality healthcare. This includes clinics offering remote appointments to patients.

This move will help all parties involved. One huge change it will bring is the reduction of the wait time in emergency departments.

Economic Stability

This deals with the ability of people to afford lifestyle choices and paying for quality medical care that keeps them healthy.

A well-paying, steady job is critical for food security and housing stability. This also plays a part in savings, an essential way of managing chronic conditions or emergencies.

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How can this be solved;

Economic stability can be ensured if the following programs are put in place.

Employment Programs
Career Counseling
High Quality Child Care


Getting quality education should be one of the priorities of any country.

Early childhood education is essential for social and mental development, and good quality high school education can open new doors to further education and employment opportunities.

How to improve access to education

Different programs should be put in place to educate those in rural areas about the importance of education.

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Social and community life

The social and community life of people is also a factor in the social determinants of health that should not be overlooked.

Interactions between individuals and their family members and co-workers can affect their health.

Conditions at workplace, discrimination and so on can have an impact on peoples’ moods and self-esteem.

How to improve social and community life

People should be educated on why a toxic environment is not favourable to anyone.

Fostering positive relationships at home, at work, or in a person’s community can improve public well-being.

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A person’s neighbourhood and living conditions can directly impact their health and safety.

Some people live in areas known for high rates of crime, pollution, bad waters and the likes. All this can play a role in their health.

How to improve the neighbourhood

Improving the neighbourhood will start with those staying in that particular area. They can make changes to improve public environments and overall health.

Those running businesses in that area will also play a decisive role, they will ensure that all safety procedures are in place and also help the community with various programs.

Summary: Social Determinants of Health, What Is It?

Social determinants of health are conditions into which people are born and in which they live their lives, a move that have a profound effect on their health.

The environment people grow up in, the school attended, the food they eat and lots more have an effect on their health.

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