Top 10 Online Food Delivery Apps in Canada

Canada’s culinary industry is a vibrant tapestry, woven with options from across the globe. From American powerhouses to homegrown heroes, and international flavor ambassadors, the food app scene in Canada is a veritable smorgasbord of choice. You have a variety of online food delivery apps in Canada to choose from.

The Top 10 Online Food Delivery Apps in Canada

In the sea of options, how does one discern the crème de la crème? Fear not; we’ve taken it upon ourselves to illuminate the top 10 online food delivery apps in Canada, each a culinary hero in its own right. So, grab a seat at the digital table, and let’s explore!

Online Food Delivery Apps in Canada
Online Food Delivery Apps in Canada

DoorDash: A San Francisco Import with a Canadian Twist

Website: DoorDash
Contact: +1 647-957-7219

Hailing from San Francisco, DoorDash has seamlessly integrated into the Canadian scene. More than just a conduit for your favorite restaurant meals, DoorDash extends its reach to convenience stores and local supermarkets.

DashPass Advantage: A subscription service offering reduced delivery fees on orders over $15. The app boasts a sleek UI—easy to navigate, quick loading, and highly responsive.

Local Tip: Keep an eye out for DoorDash’s ‘Dollar Deals’ for exciting bargains.


HelloFresh: Berlin’s Fresh Take on Home Cooking

Website: HelloFresh
Contact: Contact HelloFresh

Born in Berlin, HelloFresh brings a fresh perspective to home cooking in Canada, delivering pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes.

Diverse Meal Plans: From family-friendly to calorie-smart and vegetarian options, HelloFresh caters to varied diets. Look for promo codes on their website for initial savings.

Local Tip: Check their website for promo codes to save on your first week of meals.

Chef’s Plate: Homegrown Delight

Website: Chef’s Plate
Address: 110 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON
Contact: +1 833-608-0883

The Canadian cousin of HelloFresh, Chef’s Plate offers a local touch, answering the call for affordable, locally sourced, home-cooked meals.

Affordable Feast: Crafted by culinary experts, Chef’s Plate prioritizes affordability without compromising on a culinary feast.

Local Tip: Grab a referral discount code from a friend for your first-time Chef’s Plate experience.

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Uber Eats: Navigating Towns with Culinary Finesse

Website: Uber Eats
Contact: +1 800-253-6882

Bearing the Uber lineage, Uber Eats seamlessly combines tech-savvy interfaces with a vast network of culinary options, from fast food to gourmet dinners.

On-the-Go Ordering: Order from your favorite restaurant while on an Uber ride—culinary multitasking at its finest. Uber Pass subscribers enjoy perks like reduced or waived delivery fees.

Local Tip: Explore the ‘Buy 1 get 1 free’ section for value-packed meal options.

Ritual: A Canadian Triumph in Takeout

Website: Ritual
Contact: +1 855-489-8772

Ritual stands out by allowing users to order online and collect their food directly from the store, bypassing queues—a Canadian success story.

Piggyback Feature: Boost your colleagues’ spirits by using Ritual’s “Piggyback” feature to pick up orders for them, earning bonus points for your kindness.

Local Tip: Enhance your experience by utilizing Ritual’s features to make takeout a seamless process.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Canada’s food app scene, these culinary gatekeepers are at the forefront, ensuring a delightful and diverse feast is just a tap away. Dive into the world of convenience and culinary excellence with these top-tier food delivery apps in the Great White North.


Foodora: Berlin’s Culinary Diplomat in Canada

Website: Foodora
Contact: [email protected]

Hailing from Berlin, Foodora, with its distinctive pink branding, has carved a niche in Canada as the app that delivers ‘good food to good people.’

Efficiency at Its Core: A clean design, intuitive UI, and efficient service make Foodora a Holy Trinity of food delivery. From late-night dim sum to vegan delights, Foodora caters to every craving.

Local Tip: Watch for Foodora’s collaborations with local restaurants for exclusive dishes and deals.


Website: SkipTheDishes
Contact: +1 613 519 1365

Born in the heartland of the prairies, SkipTheDishes has swiftly become the go-to app for many hungry Canadians. This culinary juggernaut offers an extensive array of restaurants, spanning from sushi to souvlaki and curry to chimichangas.

User-Friendly Interface: Even for those less tech-savvy, the interface is a breeze to navigate. Filter restaurants effortlessly by rating, distance, cuisine, and more. Real-time tracking adds a festive touch, akin to tracing Santa’s delivery route on Christmas Eve.

Local Tip: Keep an eye on SkipTheDishes’ social media for exclusive discount codes, especially during special events and Canadian holidays.


Instacart: Your Grocery Guru

Website: Instacart
Contact: Contact Instacart

Instacart goes beyond traditional restaurant deliveries, positioning itself as a grocery guru, delivering fresh produce from your favorite stores.

Express Lane: Instacart Express, a membership service, offers free delivery on orders over $35. Regular updates in the ‘Coupons’ section ensure savings on supermarket deals.

Local Tip: Explore the ‘Coupons’ section regularly for ongoing savings on groceries.

Grubhub: An American Icon in Canadian Cuisine

Website: Grubhub
Contact: Contact Grubhub

An American food delivery OG, Grubhub’s expansion into Canada brings diverse dining options with an intuitive UI. It is very easy to find what you want just at a glance.

Membership Perks: Grubhub offers a membership with free delivery and exclusive deals for a flat monthly fee.

Local Tip: Keep an eye on Grubhub’s “Perks” section for special deals and discounts.

Postmates: Beyond Food Delivery

Website: Postmates
Contact: +1 800-882-6106

Postmates transcends traditional food delivery, offering a full-service courier experience in addition to a wide range of eateries. You get to order your favorite food with ease.

Unlimited Advantage: Postmates Unlimited subscription provides free delivery on orders over $12, making it a go-to for frequent orders. This is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to save money on food deliveries.

Local Tip: First-time customers should leverage first-timer promos to potentially waive delivery fees.


Even though there are many food delivery apps in Canada, this comprehensive list of Canada’s Top 10 Premium Online Food Delivery Apps will help you to get the best yummies to satisfy your tummy. You can tell us about your personal experience with any of these Canadian food delivery apps in the comments section.

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