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The Injurious Truth – Broken Pen Mx24

My husband and I got married three years ago and our marriage has become nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. Everything had been almost perfect until I started seeing some signs he was cheating on me. He would occasionally get strange calls and excuse himself. He got home late always, and when I would ask, he would get all defensive with me.

Fast-forward, I’m on a hospital bed, with my husband by my side. I had given birth to a bouncy baby girl the night before. I sat on the bed almost half-asleep and tired while breastfeeding my baby when my husband got up to go see the doctor.

My Mistake

He had a call on his cell phone which he had left in the chair when leaving. This was the moment I was waiting for. I knew I had to check which lady it was before he got back. So I stretched out to take the phone and in the process, something terrible happened.

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I had been totally lost in the moment, that I completely forgot I had a child on my lap. As I stretched to take the phone, my baby fell from my lap and sustained some injuries. She has never been the same again as the head injury affected the development of her brain.

Forgiveness Won’t Come

Two years down the line, I think my husband has still not forgiven me. I have been living with this guilt and it has affected our marriage. He hardly stays home and talks to other girls in my presence. Now more than ever, he is showing me all the signs he’s cheating on me while rubbing it in my face.

I don’t know for how long this will continue, but I feel accountable for what our baby girl is going through, all because of my stupid suspicions, and now I’m paying for the consequences.

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What Should I Do?

Should I keep looking for an obvious sign of my husband cheating and ask for a divorce, or I should bow my head in shame and suffer the consequences of my actions?

How can I fix this “Broken Pen”

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