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My Dangerous Thoughts – Broken Pen Mx24

Let me take you back to senior high school, in 2003, I had a best friend at the time, Timothy, but we all called him “Timoo”. We were in the same house, different classes though, but studied our core subjects together, ate together, and did mischief together.

I was known to be very notorious in that year’s group. Timoo on the other hand, was a bright boy, very Intelligent, and was even a part of the award-winning science team. He always used to help me with core mathematics especially, as that was my weakest point.

Fast-forward to our SSSCE exams, I sat behind the mathematics paper, shaking and sweating. I was very close to having a panic attack as I was getting too nervous. I could literally do nothing in the second section of the paper.

I turned to my right, as always, to Timoo for help. He on the other hand looked very relaxed and had ordered an extra sheet. I whispered to him for help but funny enough, Timoo for once never even turned to look at me.

I was utterly disappointed in myself for relying solely on this guy, now I had no idea how I was going to finish this paper, my best friend had totally neglected me and it was something I was never going to forget.

I should have just studied on my own and not relied on anyone. We left the exam hall and headed straight to our house when he approached me telling me he was not having it easy as well. That was a blatant lie. When the results were in, Timoo had a straight A, while I had an E.

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But funny enough, ten years later I turned out to be a finance manager in a reputable company in Accra. What’s even more interesting, is that Timoo ended up as an account executive at a struggling agency. Not to disrespect all account executives, neither am I encouraging examination malpractices, but Timoo was one of the brightest prospects from our school and we all expected him to be some CEO or Managing Director at a big-time company.

I met him on my way to work one Monday morning in traffic. He was driving a 2012 Toyota Corolla with a woman in the front seat, whom I expect to be his wife. We exchanged pleasantries while I still sat in my BMW X5. We took each other’s numbers and drove off. It was nice meeting him but I could sense he was proud of me from the words he used. I mean who wouldn’t? I became successful.

Timoo called me and complained about how his job does not pay much. He begged me to help him with some connections to one of the companies I work with. “I need an assistant at my workplace and I think you can fit that role,” I told him. He screamed on the phone and I lost count of how many “thank you’s” I got from him.

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I discussed this with my HR manager and we arranged for a lucrative salary for him. He started working immediately. Since he’s an intelligent person, he was able to pick up fast and immediately became abreast with the job. I usually made him handle everything while I took some days off. He became a very effective assistant, and once again, our friendship rekindled.

Everyone started to grow fond of Timoo. He was very intelligent and quickly slotted into every situation needed. People began to ask him for all sorts of solutions and he also became our Managing Director’s favorite employee. I started getting jealous of him. The Managing director started having conversations with me about promoting Timoo to another department, for he thought Timoo was being under-utilized.

A few weeks after the lockdown, I took a ten-day leave of absence from work, to get away from all the office shenanigans that COVID came with. I handed over everything to Timoo to take charge of my duties until I return. It was just three days into my leave when I got an email from the board asking me to make an impromptu return to the office to assist the auditors with some issues.

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Luckily I didn’t leave town so I made it just the next day. The moment the meeting started, they started querying me about some shady financial deals that I had done in the past. It came as a total shock to me. “How did they have access to all that information?”

I thought to myself. I won’t lie, I’m no saint. I had been some funds into an unknown savings account which I had access to, for many years now. Timoo had dug deep into my files and emails as a self-elected auditor and private investigator and handed them over to the auditors.

After my 10-day leave was over, I returned to the office obviously expecting things not to go so well. The very first thing I saw shocked me to death. Timoo was seated at my desk with his name printed on the name tag on top of the desk which used to have my name on it. So apparently, I had been replaced with Timoo and he was now the acting Finance Manager for the company.

“Sorry bro, there was an internal audit and I had to release all that information to them. You took the wrong time to go on leave bro.” – those were his words to me and I immediately pounced on him and started delivering some punches. I was quickly escorted out of the building like a common criminal.

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I have been buried in thoughts lately, very dangerous thoughts. The guy who betrayed our friendship in school betrayed me again. The guy I gave a second shot too, the guy that I literally trained to be who he is today, has betrayed me.

How cruel could some people be? I thought ‘Bro Code’ meant we always stick together as brothers. I’m currently sitting on my bed with a knife next to me, but I’m sending this out there to anyone who can help me get these dangerous thoughts out of my head first, I’m no murderer. How do I also get my life back on track?

No company will want to work with me with this bad record I now have.

How do I fix this broken pen?

Do you have any relationship experience to share?


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