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My Bestfriend’s Boyfriend – Broken Pen Mx24

I stay lying in this bed, distraught, broken, miserable, clueless, in shambles, thinking how I’m possibly going to fix this broken pen. Let me take you to the beginning where it all started. Maybe you all can help me out….

DisclaimerTo protect their identities, I am using fake names.

Sandra, my best friend of ten years started dating Paul two months ago and I can’t stand the jealousy – Not only because Paul’s taken my best friend away and we hardly hang out these days, no, not that I’m actually crushing on Paul and love how he flaunts his love for her on Legon campus.

I stared at him sternly at the gym. Yes, we do work out at the same gym. I always love to watch him lift those metals, and watch his sweaty biceps. But I couldn’t help but notice him looking at me sometimes. This guy must be crushing back. I’m sure of it. Sandra doesn’t even work out, I don’t know why he’ll want to be with such a pot-bellied girl.

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I made my move one Saturday morning at one of our workout sessions. I had on my regular black tights, which fitted my curves and big ass, and made sure I went to the gym quite late to get all the attention. “Can I see you for a minute please?” I asked. I took him to the washroom to shoot my shot. We talked for close to an hour, I expressed my feelings to him told him never to inform Sandra. Paul was very much interested in having a mischievous relationship with someone else, but he was only scared to act on it since his relationship was young.

‘If Mohammed won’t go to the mountain, the mountain will go to Mohammed’. – So I locked the door and forced myself on him. We kissed deeply and passionately. At that point in time, I had totally forgotten he was my best friend’s boyfriend. I honestly didn’t care. He grabbed my big butt and spanked it in the process. I knew how to get a man’s attention so easily, God gave me this ass for a reason. He then looked at me and said “Just pass over my place after workout tonight”. Those words made my pants wetter than a kitchen napkin.

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I made it to his room at Pent Hall at 9:04pm. He opened the door with just his towel on. “I just came out of the shower,” he said. I pushed him inside and locked the door, took off my clothes and jumped on top of him, removed his towel, and gently put his vessel into my warm and slippery minge. He pounded hard into me and looked at me sternly while sweat dripped down his face. He turned me over, burnt me down, and pounded into me so vigorously I thought I moaned so loud like never before. The sex was so intense and breathtaking. I wish I could have this moment forever.

I woke up with my head on his chest the next morning, both lying naked on his warm white sheets. We smiled at each other. He then turned on his phone as it was off all night. He had many notifications from Sandra. We both laughed at it, but minutes later, a call came in from her. Paul was very hesitant to pick up, but I playfully slid the answer button on his iPhone and put it on speaker to listen.

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Apparently, Sandra had cried all night. Paul looked rather worried and that got me jealous. He leaned forward while speaking with her while asking how her treatment went the previous day at the hospital, as she was there to get treated for malaria. She paused for a min then said, “baby, I was made to have a blood test, and… and… and… I tested positive for HIV.”

As I said at the beginning, I stay lying in this bed, distraught, broken, miserable, clueless, in shambles, thinking…

“How can I fix this Broken Pen?”

Do you have any relationship experience to share?


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