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Hit Harder Baby – Broken Pen Mx24

Today’s Broken Pen Story:

Two weeks to my 23rd birthday, Kweku started acting strange. For the first time in our relationship, Kweku put a passcode on his phone and refused to share it with me. He would occasionally excuse himself whenever he had a call, clear his call log afterwards, and get all defensive whenever I mentioned it. I did not want to imagine that the obvious was happening: Kweku was most definitely cheating on me.

“Bish! I think you need to start looking at other options.” Annette said. Let’s go to Bloom Bar this Friday after our last lecture, hook up with a guy and get laid. Forget that boy! He’s definitely cheating on you. Don’t wait to see some evidence before you dump his arse.”

But she was right. I was not going to sit around and ponder about some University boy who probably just hit his ‘man-hoe’ phase. I’m going to party and drink all night – I thought to myself. That night, I wore a short black dress, one that ended right below my big butt.

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As I sipped on some Black Label, I could sense from the corner of my eye I was being watched. To my left was this tall dude in a black Armani top, with a gold chain around his neck. But what really caught my eye was his beard. I have always had a weakness for guys with beard.

He caught my eyes as they sparkled, and caught site of my mouth as they smiled. At that point in time, I had incredulously stared at him he knew I was fancying eating him up all night. He walked up to me, we vibed and danced all night and of course, crowned the night at his place. We made love twice that night. I loved the way he paid attention to my body and gave me the pleasure that I desired, something Kweku never did.

On my birthday, I made it to my room at 6pm after my last lecture, and to my amazement, all my friends including Kweku, screamed “Surprise!” when I put on the lights. I was in awe that night, I actually cried. Kweku put all this together for me. He walked up to me and gave me a soft kiss. Never in my life had I been that surprised. He apologized for being M.I.A and said he had to do that just so I did not have the slightest clue what I was planning. He did not cheat on me, he was just planning my birthday, while I was the one cheating. I felt like an idiot.

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Bryan, my Bloom Bar guy kept on calling. In order not to get Kweku suspicious, I had to block him. I blocked him everywhere. I had to make sure our paths never crossed. My secret was forever going to be buried, only Annette and I knew about it and I had to make sure it stayed that way. Well, at least that was what I thought.

But the truth they say has a way of creeping up on you. I received a random WhatsApp message from an anonymous number that read “Nobody does it better than I do”, with a video attached.

OMG!! My jaw dropped in awe. It was a video of Bryan thrusting in and out of me vigorously, while I shouted “hit harder baby”.

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How can I fix this Broken Pen?”

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